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Organizations, small or large, often have complex processes or business requirements that require a tailored technology solution. Requirements can range from setting up or maintaining a network of computers that link different users and data. Another example is integrating a system with other technologies such as wireless or bar coding technologies. In some cases, a commercial-off-the-shelf software package is needed and in other cases, a customized application needs to be developed.

Our IT Consulting Services focus on meeting your business requirements with the right technology and business solution. We provide services in the following areas:

  • Network Installation and Management - Acelo Solutions can help organizations realize the benefit of connected users and data. We review existing system architectures or develop new plans based on business requirements. Our technicians can install networks and connect your computers together.

  • Systems Integration - We can link separate systems and technologies together across your organization with a solution that reduces the cost of future integration and improves effectiveness through better information.

  • Software Package Implementation - When commercial-off-the-shelf software is cost beneficial, our team can provide a full range of services. We can start with analyzing and defining your business requirements, then assist in selecting the appropriate software. Sometimes additional design and customization is required before installation. We can install the software and provide training to users. Ongoing user support is also available.

  • Application Development - Acelo Solutions meets your business requirements and needs by defining, designing, programming, and implementing a custom business application to solve your specific business needs that cannot be effectively met by commercial off-the-shelf software.

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