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Some organizations do not have the ability to support a full-time IT expert on staff who can identify and correct a variety of complex, time consuming technical issues. While identifying an IT problem and its cause may be difficult, finding the right IT expertise is often a bigger challenge for a small or medium sized business.

Although many issues are technical in nature, most will require the ability to solve problems that are not always IT related. Listening to the employee and diagnosing the root cause is critical to resolving any problem. Being able to tap into specialized expertise is also a must. Savvy organizations decide to outsource the management of their computer and network infrastructure, thereby receiving timely, efficient support from a certified IT professional while limiting the costly overhead of keeping a network support team on their payroll.

The Acelo Support Plan provides your business with a dedicated Network Engineer who will be available onsite at your organization anywhere from once a month to several times a week, depending on your specific IT and business requirements. You will be provided a detailed description of your engineer's real world work experience and IT certifications. In addition, a direct support number will be provided to be used whenever problems arise at your organization. The engineer will be responsible for all aspects of your information systems infrastructure, including providing timely support and the implementation of advanced system solutions that will keep your business running smoothly and minimize system disruption.

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