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Infant Toddler Family Day Care


Infant Toddler Family Day Care used a variety of manual processes and paper documents to maintain critical information on hundreds of family childcare providers and children within their care.  These manual processes required significant resources and led to ongoing billing and compliance challenges.


A custom developed child care management application was developed and became the foundation and technical synergy between ITFDC, the family home care providers they service and the shared services management philosophy. 

Instant access to accurate child and provider data, allowing staff to immediately access vital information and co-ordinate child care for children with the available providers.  Optimize data access, management and ongoing compliance requirements for independent operators of child care centers and family child care providers.  Deliver a centralized back office services solution.

Whether managing a 10-person company or an organization with 500 employees in several locations, executives and managers face many daily challenges. Financial management or technology problems can be costly, time consuming, and distracting. Outdated accounting systems, inefficient processes, disconnected databases, software glitches, and broken networks are just some of the challenges facing small businesses.

Acelo Solutions realizes that small and mid-sized organizations need quick and affordable solutions. Our Application Consultants and Solution Developers can provide your organization with the right solution at an affordable price that exceeds your business expectations.

Our range of solutions for small and mid-sized organizations include:


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